Inflammation Factor App

Looking Glass Software is pleased to announce an agreement with Monica Reinagel, noted nutritional researcher and creator of the IF Rating™ system, to jointly develop an iPhone app utilizing her proprietary formula used to calculate the IF Rating™.

Based on Ms. Reinagel’s book, “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”, the app will provide the unique ability to dynamically calculate an IF Rating™ based on serving size for thousands of foods. Further, it will allow users to record daily intakes and visually understand the nutritional balances of their diets to make healthy consumption choices.

For more information on the IF Rating™ system and its benefits, please visit: or visit Ms. Reinagel’s web site,

One thought on “Inflammation Factor App”

  1. I just finished reading “Inflammation Free Diet Plan” and my new grocery list includes 55 new foods. Two years ago, I asked my doctor to run a CRP and it was very high. He said there was nothing he recommended to do about the results. I appreciate YOUR info.
    One question: I didn’t read anything about alcohol. I enjoy one or two vodka drinks before supper. How bad is this?????

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