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iGive Gifts 1.1

iGive Gifts 1.1 was approved by Apple today and is now available on iTunes.

Having received positive feedback from customers, we added a couple new features for the Full version of the app.

New Features:

  1. Use the camera or photo album to associate images with your gift ideas or received items.
  2. You can directly assign, modify, and delete gifts from an individual’s gift history.

Other areas of the app were improved:

  • The status of an idea is now able to be directly set (previously it cycled).
  • Help text has been added throughout the app to provide guidance.

Gift Life-cycle

Gift ideas start out with a status of “idea” but can be changed to “purchased” and “given”.

  • Gift “ideas” are just that – concepts.  By filling out additional fields on the Idea Details view, like the person or event, you can track the idea under both the person and event views.
  • Setting the status to “purchased” and adding a price provides further benefits when viewing the budget of an event.
  • Finally, after a gift idea is “given”, it is moved to a person’s history.  With the Full version of the app, it’s possible to view and modify a given gift but not on the free version although the gift isn’t “lost”.