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A fun and challenging game for fans of casual word puzzles!

Squramble can be played in grids of 3-by-3, 4-by-4, and 5-by-5.

The game chooses 3, 4, or 5 words respectively, mixes them up, and challenges you to find them all.

If you don't pick the same words that the game chose, you probably won't be able to use all of the letters, though it is quite possible you can complete some puzzles by coming up with your own!

Remember, select your words as if you were reading them, left to right.

3 Puzzle Sizes
Keep it simple with 3 Letter puzzles, or increase the challenge with 4 Letter grids. The 5 Letter puzzles are just plain hard.

A Real Dictionary
Uses a hand-crafted word list containing only real words like BASE and BEAN, not Scrabble words like BICE or BINE.

3 Game Modes
Play puzzles without being rushed by a timer or score...or attempt to “beat the clock” in both timed and scored modes.

Gameplay is livened up with in-game “ribbons,” tracked per player. Some are based on skillful play, others are random.

A Universal App!
The same Squramble app runs on all of your devices: iPhone/iPod Touch, iPhone 4 with Retina display, and iPad with high-res graphics. Purchase the word list once (99¢), and download it for free on all of the iPhone/iPad devices that you own.

Free To Play with A/B/C Words
Words starting with A, B, and C are free, with no ads or game interruptions asking you to buy. The A/B/C thing is really the only difference between “free” and “paid.” If you wish, you can pay 99¢ using in-app purchasing to get the full word list.

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